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1:1 Coaching

Coaching for women and teens who want to gain control of their thoughts, shape their mindsets and elevate their confidence.

Discover Brave Confidence

Everything you need to transform your mindset, stop the head chatter, elevate your confidence and create a healthy lifestyle.

Kindness Is Kool

Group workshop teaching teens to be kind to one another. As well as confidence and self love tips. - COMING SOON

Meet Lauren

You know that girlfriend you can always count on to give you the hard truth and motivate the heck out of you.

Combine that with years of personal experience fine tuning self help tools that completely changed her life. Lauren has over come an eating disorder, body image issues and anxiety. She no longer has panic attacks nor does she fear social situations, bullies or others judgment. 

Lauren is glowing with confidence and she wants to help you find your. She will teach you how to unfriend your scared nasty narrative that consumes your mind so you can discover your confidence and shine.

My Story

"I absolutely love your content and it always brightens my mood and self esteem if I've ever had a tough day. Love the girl power and the positivity! You're doing an amazing job and helping more people mentally and physically than what you probably know. I have never reached out but you've definitely helped me since I started following you! Keep up the great work."


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